About The Show

Secrets and Spies has a loyal following and is reportedly highly respected in intelligence and counterterrorism circles.

The podcast started in 2016 and was originally titled "The Dry CleanerCast" as it was connected to the short spy film "The Dry Cleaner". In 2020 the show changed its name and since then has grown in popularity.

The show averages a 4.6 on iTunes reviews

The goal of the podcast is to seek out and engage in meaningful discussions with experts and practitioners about espionage, terrorism, geopolitics and intrigue.

Not all episodes are directly about espionage as some topics such as terrorism are quite complex and require a look at the underlying ideology behind it to lead to a deeper understanding of the topic. Also, due to the nature of the podcast topics, some episodes delve into the contemporary politics behind an issue. The podcast does its best to remain balanced. However, the show does take a critical view of the MAGA movement, far-left/far-right politics and Trumpism.

Secrets & Spies is now part of the Spy Podcast Network: https://www.spypodcasts.com/

Our Host

Chris Carr works primarily as a director & producer, working in commercials, films and online content for brands.

Chris has always had a deep fascination with espionage. As a teenager, Chris met former KGB officer Oleg Gordivesky and this inspired him to read as much as possible about how espionage really works. Chris's goal is to create realistic feeling spy dramas for film & television and he created the podcast as a way to further his own research and knowledge of the topic. Chris wrote and directed the highly acclaimed short spy film "The Dry Cleaner" which is now available on Apple TV & Amazon Prime. Chris is currently developing a number of feature film and television scripts that revolve around the topics of the podcast.