S7 Ep40: Espresso Martini 15: Missing Chinese Foreign Minister, another Russian coup predicted and the dangers of AI.

S7 Ep40: Espresso Martini 15: Missing Chinese Foreign Minister, another Russian coup predicted and the dangers of AI.

On today’s Espresso Martini and season seven finale, Matt & Chris look at the puzzlingly short tenure of the Chinese foreign minister Qin Gang; they unpack some hot gossip surrounding last month’s Wagner mutiny and discuss updates on the war in Ukraine, both at sea and on land. In the last story, they look at AI's potential threat in the 2024 US Elections and the 2025 UK general election.

On Extra Shot, immediately following this show on Patreon, Matt & Chris ask Is it time to most expeditiously take a hammer to your smart watch? They also discuss friend of the pod Dan Kaszeta’s legal victory over Downing Street, have a spoiler-free-ish chat about Christopher Nolan’s new Oppenheimer biopic, and then indulge in some flagrantly irresponsible speculation about the next Bond movie.

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Links to articles discussed in Espresso Martini

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang removed from post after only 7 months

Russia’s Spies Say Putin Faces More Coups

US Navy Backs Away From Ukraine’s Proposal To Protect Grain In NATO Waters

West must focus on preparing Ukraine’s troops – or we will all pay the price

Intelligence nominee warns generative AI poses threat to 2024 elections

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