S7 Ep39: Espresso Martini: Cluster Bombs, Ukraine NATO membership and Prigozhin’s meeting with Putin

S7 Ep39: Espresso Martini: Cluster Bombs, Ukraine NATO membership and Prigozhin’s meeting with Putin

On this episode of Espresso Martini, Chris and Matt look at cluster munitions being supplied to Ukraine, Putin & Prigozhin’s post-mutiny meeting, and Ukraine’s future membership with NATO.

On “Extra Shot” that follows this show on Patreon, we will be looking at Russian spies in Switzerland, a MOSSAD operation in Iran, CIA Director William Burns's keynote speech at the Ditchley Foundation and Vladimir Putin’s secret train.

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Links to articles discussed in Espresso Martini

Giving Ukraine Cluster Munitions is Necessary, Legal and Morally Justified
By Dr Jack Watling and Professor Justin Bronk from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)

Nato summit: Allies refuse to give Ukraine a timeframe on joining
BBC Reporting

Putin and Prigozhin held a meeting in June, their first known contact since the
By Paul Sonne New York Times

CIA's Burns: armed mutiny shows damage Putin has done to Russia
By Guy Falconbridge for Yahoo News

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